Take Two Tournaments

About the "Take Two" Format

The "Take Two" format is a format that can be applied to any spades game. In this format,
every team plays two games, each with a different team. The team that has the most
cumulative points after both games wins the tournament! Even if you lose both games,
there is a chance you could win the entire tournament!

For more information on the "Take Two" format, check the
Game Rules page.

"Take Two" Full to 500 tournaments are held every 1st & 3rd (& 5th) Friday of the month.
On occasion, they are also played on Thursdays. Any of these tournaments may also yield prizes!
Check your e-mails and Facebook for the latest!

Recent "Take Two" Tournaments

TOTAL = Cumulative points after two games. TOP = Top score.
MARGIN = Cumulative margin of victory. WINS = Game wins.