Battle of the Sexes

Upcoming Battle of the Sexes Tournaments

The war is far from over. Many battles are still to be fought!
Check your e-mails and the
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for upcoming Battle of the Sexes tournaments!

Last BOS Tournament Results

On the 13th day in the month of July in the year 2013,

The PSLers Win!
PSL_Mathematica & PSL_SCMnumberOne
pantherjetta & PantherTazlady

Many thanks to everyone who attended
and made it a superb turnout!

Previous BOS Tournament Results

Date: Winners: Finals:
7/13/2013 PSLers PSL_Mathematica/PSL_SCMnumberOne VS. pantherjetta/PantherTazlady
9/24/2011 Panthers Panther_CF/Panther_Blue VS. PSL_Mathematica/PSL_PUFFDADDY
9/20/2008 Panthers panthershyangel/panther_tkg VS. PSL_PUFFDADDY/PSL_Rickfish
3/22/2008 PSLers PSL_TheDawggie/PSL_Shaddowwolf VS. PantherBoopster/PantherGranny
9/22/2007 PSLers PSL_TheDawggie/PSL_Shaddowwolf VS. PantherTazlady/panthertkg
3/17/2007 PSLers PSL_Doug/PSL_MOTO VS. PantherTazlady/PantherGloJean
9/16/2006 PSLers PSLBart/PSL_Rickfish VS. PantherLadyfish/panther_tkg
3/18/2006 PSLers PSL_ShyDevil/PSL_TheGambler VS. PantherJust_Jody/PantherZap
9/10/2005 PSLers PSLBart/PSL_Rickfish VS. PantherBevy/PantherZap
3/19/2005 Panthers PantherLaNurse/panther_shyangel VS. PSLBart/PSL_Rickfish
9/18/2004 Panthers PantherFirelady/PantherLaNurse VS. PSL_Doug/PSLSuperChicken
3/20/2004 PSLers PSL_ShyDevil/PSL_Thunderbird VS. Panther_Purring/Panther_Sugar
11/8/2003 Panthers PantherLaNurse/PantherZap VS. PSL_ShyDevil/PSL_TheGambler
12/10/2002 PSLers PSLCdnLunkhead/PSL_Mathematica VS. PantherLaNurse/PantherPepper