Panther Spades League News
We Need More Hosts! (6/24/2016)
Effective Immediately: HOSTS please DO NOT any longer send your tourney sheets to PantherGloJean, as she has resigned from hosting and being TD. Only send to PantherTazlady. Thanks!

We are in need of more hosts, and a replacement TD. If you are interested please let me know asap.

Glo was hosting Fri and Tues nights so those are now open nights we need help with.

We have been alternating on WED nights with PantherBratt and PantherToy, that would be an option on Fri and Tues nights if you are interested in helping. I will be covering tomorrow night Fri but I can not host 4 nights a week or more. Even 1 night every two weeks would help us so much!! Think about it please. Thanks!

FYI, I will be out of town on Thursday, July 28 until Sunday, July 31st. I should be back home in time to host that night. I hate to see any of those nights without a host. Where I will be at I will only be able to check e-mail as far as I know right now.

We are coming up on 17 years in Oct as a league and I am trying to keep us going!! Please help me do it!! Thanks Tazzzzzzzzzzzz

PSL Newsletter (5/29/2016)

Comments and responses are always welcome!! THIS WILL BE ON FACEBOOK AND ON THE WEB PAGE.

It's been awhile since I last sent out a newsletter. Things usually run pretty smooth, so do not always need a letter.

Not sure if there has been a lot of Full Moons or what but the last few weeks have had a lot of ups and downs.

We have a few new members in PSL and I like to hope all of you always make them feel welcome!

First off we are still desperate for HOSTS on Sun, Tues and Wed nights now. I have been covering Sun nights and PantherToy has helped when I needed to be gone. I also have my regular Thurs nights I host. PantherGloJean hosts Fri and has been doing Tues nights with PantherToy assisting, and PSL_DarkAngel has stepped up to assist when he can.

There are other issues that need to be addressed now. You may read this and think I am pointing right at you but honestly this is to and about way more than just one person.

When a host is on doing their job, they run the tourney that night, not the members in the lobby. The hosts computer clock is the time we use when starting the tourney or timing a missing member. Most often when I am there and playing my clock matches when they start.

A few think they are assisting when really it is just upsetting the host. Every now and then I miss something in the lobby but I scroll back and catch up fast as I can. If someone is typing that I missed something or did something wrong then that just makes more work for me. I get the pards as soon as they are posted or by now I pretty much know who is parding with who.

All hosts post in the greeting as you come in our lobby what the game is that night. If you are closing that box out and not reading it then you need to stop, read it first then close it. The host will post the game several times in the lobby for you to see. Unless it is a special night and a crazy game, there is no need at all to post the settings until about 10 min before the tourney starts. The extra posting is up to each host.

Please be kind and let the host do their job and wait until they might ask for help with something.

Please also no matter what do not leave the lobby without thanking the host that night for being there so you have a tourney to play in. I can not believe the nights how many just can't wait to get out after the finals and not one word to the host. That is rude to me and you all know better.

We have several teams that it seems they are the only ones winning. These teams do get beat, they may have a few nights of wins and a few nights where they lose. The very LAST THING I WANT TO HEAR IS THAT THEY ARE BEING ACCUSED OF CHEATING! Unless you have the proof in hand you can not accuse someone of cheating. I feel it's being a bad sport to imply that because you may not beat them as often as you want to. Please read on the web page Discipline Rule #2.

Some members come in nightly and immediately put away on their name. They do not answer the host when the host needs them or asks them a question. Each hosts asks you at tourney time to please close down all programs, turn things off and be ready to join the table when called. Look at how many enter the game with the away on and ignore the hosts request to take off the away and please keep it off. I really do not see the need for away unless like myself when I can't play I leave my name in the lobby so I can be reached if needed. All that is needed is to tell the host you will be back shortly. We will be forced to do something further if this continues and the hosts are being ignored.

My email is open to all, most of you have my phone number, even if I can not play I can always be reached for anything. and my cell is 1-402-297-4115 I have free unlimited minutes if you need to talk let me know and I can call you.

Lastly if you are good on the computer and would like to help out we need someone to post the stats and help me keep the winners/runners up pages caught up. Contact me for more information.

I love PSL and I think of all of us as a second family! We have been around a very long time together.

Remember we are all different types and kinds of people playing so keep your bad nights out of the lobby, come have fun and night!!

Another thought is the people who ask the host for a pard, the hosts gets them one then rudely they grab a person that just pops in the lobby when they were already asked to pard with someone else!! This happened a night when Dark hosted. If you ask the host for a pard and they ask you to pard with some one then either accept or tell the host you want to wait a few. BY doing this you have released the host from trying to find you a pard. You will be on your own to get a pard for the night. It is really not up to the host to get you a pard but they will assist you when needed.

If two people are asked to pard and only one responds, then that one person is the one that will get the next available pard that is looking.

We are all adults and should be able to come in and just play some nice good games!!!


PLEASE NOTE*** One of the main complaints from members that we know can host but will not help out is they do not like the way they are treated when they have hosted. Please respect the hosts!

Checking In! (9/27/2015)

Checking in with every one to see how you all are doing? PSL is playing in and have been here for a while now. How many of you actually play in GS in their lobbies and their tourneys? I would really like to know and what you all think about playing there?

We have had some slow nights in PSL, and I need to know what you would like to see happen or change so we can get bigger turnouts.

I know some of you have asked about if we could try to get a trophy by our names in our lobby. I was thinking about asking them for our every other Sat night TAKE TWO and high score to see if they would consider that as a prize?? What do you all think??
So that twice a month a team would have a trophy on their name for a week?

Let me hear your responses and I will see what I can do or we will have a contest once a month for players that come play regularly and do it on a TAKE TWO night.

Pass on your thoughts to me. TY Tazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz